Bar Bending Schedule for Civil Engineers | BBS Spreadsheet download

Fig 5 CS of slab showing cranking of bars

Long years back when there was no concept of bar bending schedule, certain recommendation given by BN Dutta were used for estimating steel for different components of building. Description Percentage of steel Beam 2% of total volume of concrete Column 5% of total volume of concrete Slab 1% of total volume of concrete Footing 0.8% … Read more

Several Reasons Why Transportation Engineering is Essential for Urban Infrastructure

rural railway running through verdant green forest

Wondering what contribution transport engineers make in city infrastructure? We have conducted powerful research and are ready to share our discoveries with you right now! Transport is essential for not only the economic activities in cities operating well, but also for enabling social well-being as well as the unity of populations. It is the responsibility … Read more

Is Glass Partition Safe for Office Workers?

open space office with red armchairs

Most modern offices provide employees with a comfortable environment for work which requires some isolation. A great way to isolate office workers from what’s going on around them and provide them enough privacy is to install glass partitions. Glass partitions have many advantages. Glass partition systems are noise-resistant, so the employee can work in peace … Read more

6 Countertops That Are A Perfect Fit For Your Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen interior

Kitchens are the heart of the home and the heart of the kitchen are countertops. It is safe to say that countertops are the “centerpiece” of your kitchen. Since they’re so noticeable, it is necessary that they be aesthetic, functional and durable and easy on your pocket.  But which options cater all these requirements? Let’s … Read more

How Colleges and Universities Can Benefit from Indoor Mapping

photo of globe on top of books

With the ever-increasing number of students attending college, universities are finding new ways to improve their facilities and services. One way that colleges can take advantage of is using indoor mapping technology. This type of software helps campuses become more sustainable by reducing energy consumption, provides better customer service through a true understanding of space … Read more

Basic Types of Bridge Decks & Applications

wood landscape water summer

The Bridge decks are one of the basic components of the bridge that forms its surface. The bridge deck may either be cast-in-situ, precast, steel, wood, concrete, or other pavement systems which are supported on concrete or steel girders or beams (composite bridges). The bridge decks are most often defines the characteristics of the bridge. … Read more

Why is Civil Engineering Important?

Why is Civil Engineering Important?

Civil Engineering Who are civil engineers? What contribution do they make to the benefit of the people? This is an interesting topic for discussion. Today, we know a lot about It sector, economy, and politics. But what about such an important field, as civil engineering? Why is it so underestimated? A critical part of the … Read more

(BIM) Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities for Civil Engineers & Future

(BIM) Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities for Civil Engineers & Future

Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the platform for developing 3D models or digital representation of a construction project. Through BIM technology the construction industry especially the design and drafting field drastically changed from the traditional way of designing and it’s still evolving to another advanced level. BIM is now inevitable … Read more

Modern Concepts in Bridge Construction

architecture area bay bridge

Bridge Construction Bridges are not only a functional part of transportation but also an identity of the place where it is built. We can see numerous examples of Smart Bridge Construction around us. Golden Gate Bridge (California), Tower Bridge (London), Sydney Harbor Bridge, Brooklyn Bridges are some of the examples. All those bridges are constructed … Read more

Why is Commercial Roof Maintenance Important

photo of buildings

Most commercial buildings you find will need maintenance frequently to ensure nothing too severe happens to them. An example is ensuring that the building’s exterior landscape stays appealing and well-maintained all the time. Another is keeping the exterior walls and surfaces in top condition through repainting or frequent cleaning.  You also have the roof that … Read more