4 Major Interview Styles | Directive Interview | Stress Interview | Behavioral Interview

4 Major Interview Styles

Depending on the position, job description and the intended outcome of the interview, the interview styles and flow will be different. In This article four major interview styles are being discussed.

4 Major Interview Styles
4 Major Interview Styles


Directive Interview:

The interviewer will direct the interview by the questions he/she asks you. You are expected to do most of the talking. You may feel as if questions are being “fired” at you constantly.

Non-Directive Interview:

interviewer does not provide direction for the interview. He/she may ask you what you would like to discuss and leave it to you to provide the direction of the interview.

Stress Interview:

The interviewer will use a confrontational style to try to unsettle you in order to see how you respond. The interviewer is not looking for “the right answer”, but the thought process you use and your ability to respond with a challenging and creative answer.

Behavioral Interview:

The interviewer is seeking specific examples and responses that will give insight into personality traits and critical skills. Questions may focus on intellectual competence, leadership ability, team/personal skills, adjustment/flexibility, motivation, communication skills, administrative skills, and technical skills. An example question is: “Describe a situation when you have been stressed and how you dealt with it”.