5 Popular Engineering Courses in 2023

The engineering field is one of the popular courses in the STEM program. It focuses mainly on developing, designing, and maintaining systems and equipment in various fields of industry. If you plan to take an engineering course next school year, you’ll be surprised by the number of available engineering courses. 

Before enrolling in any specialized engineering course, you must first check what type of engineering field you want to study. To give you some idea, here’s a list of popular engineering courses in 2023.

 Popular Engineering Courses in 2023
Popular Engineering Courses in 2023 – Photo by Mizuno K on Pexels.com


If you’re not into overseeing the entire design-to-completion process of a project, then architecture might be for you. Although architecture isn’t a relative type of engineering course, many people associate it with this field. It’s because they work side-by-side. 

For instance, an architect mostly focuses on planning, designing, and facilitating the execution of design buildings and other forms of the physical environment. Then, the engineers are responsible for ensuring the design works by applying scientific principles.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States presented a 2.7% employment growth for the architect field between 2021 and 2023. So, if you plan to work in the field in the future, you have good options for your career. Moreover, in large cities like New York and Los Angeles, skills related to architecture are highly pursued to maximize the functionality of infrastructure within the limited space of an area.

On the other hand, if you’re from Australia, architecture is one of the highest-paying careers in the country. Aside from that, cities, particularly in Sydney, have highly industrial and institutional land use. As an architect, it can be your responsibility to ensure that an infrastructure project lives up to the ambiance that the busy city exudes while being functional and efficient. 

On the other hand, there are Sydney display homes you can look into to show how wonderful houses are designed in a residential area located in a significant city such as Sydney.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are responsible for operating, conceiving, building, and constructing projects related to infrastructure and systems, including houses, tunnels, bridges, sewage treatment, buildings, and the like. With this extensive range of job descriptions, civil engineering is divided into four main branches: construction, transportation, maritime and hydraulic engineering, and power.

In construction, civil engineers plan, create, and design infrastructure. As such, they’re involved in extensive planning and coordination of other engineering fields and design specialists before proper construction is started. Aside from managing a project, they also work with other people specialized in other fields to ensure the safety and success of the building project. 

Meanwhile, the transportation branch is responsible for constructing roads and bridges. They mainly study traffic, road, rail, and air design systems. On the other hand, maritime and hydraulic engineering is more focused on constructing harbors and shipbuilding. 

Aside from that, they also specialize in the properties and movement of liquids, including water and sewage. You can expect responsibilities like the construction of dams and sewage systems to be under their care as well.

Computer Engineering

The career field of computer engineering includes designing, constructing, implementing, and maintaining software and hardware of modern computing systems. In simple terms, they work closely related to science and technology/ They also apply principles from electrical engineering and computer science to completely work with what’s required in handling hardware and software in a computer system. 

Computer engineering is also getting the attention of people with a passion for modern digital technology, especially because some careers offer remote work. This means that computer engineers don’t need to be in their offices all day to work their shifts. So, they have complete control of their time and can work just anywhere as long as they can get their job done on time.

Mechanical Engineering

Unlike other engineering fields, mechanical engineering focuses on producing machines. They design, develop, build, and test various machines, such as electric generators, combustion engines, steam turbines, etc. Not only that, but they also work with regular household appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. Additionally, machines like elevators and escalators are also in their job field. 

If you have any plans of migrating and working in another country, you’re in for good news because there are many states that actually seek the specialty of mechanical engineers. In particular, Canada is a highly infrastructurally sound country that looks for engineers to help them further improve their economy. In addition to this, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, and England also welcome engineers.

Chemical Engineering

As its name suggests, chemical engineers are responsible for developing and designing chemical manufacturing processes. They help advance biomedicines, improve food production, and develop electronics related to these areas. Moreover, they’re also concerned with saving the environment and enhancing material by mindfully managing resources.

With the continuing development of society, chemical engineers now have abundant opportunities to be welcomed to any country. In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also presented 14% growth between 2021 to 2031, a much faster increase than any other occupation in the country. It’s also the same for the countries of Australia and Europe.

Final Thoughts

Engineering courses are highly specialized fields in which a person can study and make a career. The troubles of trying to find what field to specialize in are only a few of the troubles you might encounter, but it’s the type of problem that can make you look forward to the career you can possibly have. So, if you still have time, search for what engineering course you would like to take.