6 Countertops That Are A Perfect Fit For Your Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home and the heart of the kitchen are countertops. It is safe to say that countertops are the “centerpiece” of your kitchen. Since they’re so noticeable, it is necessary that they be aesthetic, functional and durable and easy on your pocket. 

modern kitchen interior Modern Kitchen Countertops 
Modern Kitchen Countertops  Photo by Alan Quirván on Pexels.com

But which options cater all these requirements? Let’s see! 

What’s New In Modern Kitchen Countertops 

Other than the variety of new materials, the density of countertop slabs also varies in the modern kitchen setting. For example, the usual 2 inches thick countertop is replaced with a 5 inches slab to give a fastened and statuesque look to your kitchen.

And modern kitchens are not only about great islands, natural stones, and high-end finished material,  the oak slab counters, the wood pallet counters also give a stunning rustic touch to your Tuscan style kitchen, outdoor kitchen, in a farmhouse setting, or a mountain-inspired kitchen. 

1. Granite Countertop 

Granite is usually the popular choice among people who want a statement kitchen, coupling the granite countertop with a bold backsplash is the new trend of modern kitchens. Another reason for granite countertops in high-end kitchens is that it comes in multiple colors and patterns and requires minimum seams to adjoin its thick slabs.

With a sealed finishing, it is the best stain-resistant countertop material on the market. The granite v/s marble competition seems never-ending when it comes to durability, maintenance, and functionality.  So let’s see what’s the deal about Marble. 

modern kitchen island with built in stove and sink Granite Countertop
Granite Countertop Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

2. Marble Countertop

Marble comes in elegant vein patterns and has been a forever favorite when it comes to kitchen designing. The Calacatta marble is one rare and most elegant type of marble stone, which has the most white surface and bold veining. And there is no better option than marble if you have a busy kitchen for its heat resistance capacity, resilience, and durability.

The downside is marble is porous and soft in texture and that makes it less resistant to stain and scratches. But no one can deny the elegance and the luxury it gives to your place. 

3. Soapstone Countertop 

If you want a royal greenish look to your kitchen, soapstone comes in greenish-black and green greyish slabs mainly, but the soapstone has the quality to fit any design and add its natural beauty to it. Any designer or agricultural kitchen is incomplete with a soapstone countertop.

Its varied appearance, smooth texture and heat, stain and impact resistance, and easy maintenance make it an easy and stately countertop option for modern kitchens. 

4. Slate Countertop

If you want to have a subtle and crystal clear look in your modern kitchen, the slate comes in bold red, black, green, gray, and purple colors with prominent veins of contrasting colors in them. The good thing is, both of these natural stones can be matched and fabricated with the sink and backsplashes off course. 

stylish kitchen with modern furniture and appliances
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

5. Quartz Countertops

An extravagant alternative to the luxurious granite, quartz has made its way to one of the best materials for islands and countertops in your modern kitchen. Being non-porous in texture, it is the most hygienic option for industrial and home kitchens. Quartz is available in several patterns, color and finishing, and its low maintenance and material durability makes it the prime choice in kitchens. 

6. Metal Countertops

To choose out of the metallic options, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Copper are jaw-dropping options for your modern kitchen countertop. Wondered for its multitasking, the stainless steel countertop is perfect to match with kitchen appliances, comes with easy maintenance, and gives a stately outlook to your kitchen. Changing from rosy gold to lustrous brown-black, copper countertops give a mesmerizing classical look to your place. Talking about the Zinc, pewter, and brass, and alloys bronze countertops, all come with colorful patina and decorative edges.

The good news is that your modern kitchen is not only limited to butcherblock wood or plastic laminate countertops, there are tonnes of options available in the market from tinted concrete to marble, quartz to granite, acrylic sheets to solid surfaces, and in numberless textures, patterns and colors to achieve any design for your kitchen.