Delay analysis and its importance in construction?

A construction contract should take into account time, quality, and cost. It would be ideal if a project was completed on time, reasonably priced, and high-quality. However, it is not always as simple as that so Delay analysis is important. In the words of the old saying, “time is money.” There is a great deal of debate in the construction industry regarding delays to construction projects.

Delay Analysis in Construction
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Delay Analysis in Construction

Delay analysis is investigating and researching an event to identify the reason for the delay in a given project. A delay analysis determines the cause of delays on a construction project as well as how these delays will affect the overall schedule. The analysis findings may result in a lawsuit filed by one of the parties to the contract.

DAC Consulting Delay Analysis aims to define how much of the project delay could be credited to each party (owner, contractor, or neither) by computing the delay and working backward. This way, a decision can be made regarding time and/or monetary compensation.

Construction delays cause

To effectively oversee projects, the project manager must thoroughly understand how delays develop. Then they will be able to prevent them from occurring in the future or deal with them if they occur unintentionally.

With today’s knowledge of construction, we can manage projects efficiently to meet the required quality within the required timeframe. This management is essential to meet the requirements above.

A contractor should submit these method statements to the engineers before the project begins to ensure that they will be approved and that the engineers will be able to execute the construction work to meet the required quality and specifications.

Importance of delay analysis in construction

Currently, the construction industry is flooded with fast-track projects, which pressure contractors to bid the lowest price, resulting in low profitability. Achieving the dismal profit margins requires massive efforts to develop and control the schedule effectively.

Importance of delay analysis in construction
Importance of delay analysis in construction

Despite all sincere efforts to control a project and complete it on time, delays may occur at any time during the project. There is a risk of loss of profit and/or hefty liquidated damages associated with delays. Without proper analysis and documentation, the contractor may lose his right to claim delay, even if it is the sole responsibility of the other parties involved.


In many cases, construction delays are caused by poorly managed actions and could be viewed as a project risk if they are identified, analyzed, and managed systematically from the outset. By conducting these fact-finding exercises, DAC Consulting Delay Analysiswill be able to apply an appropriate method of delay analysis to model the effects of a delay. Based on the cause and effect of each delay, it will then be crystallized.