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Expert resume writing service
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How to compose a perfect resume

The resume starts with photos and contacts. The photo should be professional and preferably with a smile on your face. The last name should be written in capital letters. It is better to indicate not one, but two phone numbers and a correct email address. This is followed by the address and age if you are between 25 and 45 years old. If you are younger or much older, indicate your age at the end of your resume, in the “Additional Information” section, as your date of birth.

Key skills should be described as early as possible, because a person remembers the beginning and end of information better than the middle. They need to be broken into blocks. For example, accounting, sales and personnel management. Then you need to indicate the basic skills for each block.

Please describe your past work experience correctly. If a prospective employer needs a sales manager, describe how much sales have increased thanks to you. If you are a manager, then how many people were subordinate to you, whether you took the initiative and responsibility.

Feel free to describe your achievements in great detail. Not just a “sales manager”, but “a manager of the sales department, functionally subordinate to up to 10 people: supervisors, sales representatives, trainees.”

Leave no spaces in your career description. Let’s say that after you were fired, you started your own business, but something went wrong and you returned to your hired job.

The employer will definitely have a question, remove it in advance. You worked informally – please tell us what exactly you did. Maybe at this time you consulted your colleague, underwent training.

Do not write platitudes in the “additional information” section, where candidates talk about personal qualities. Usually everyone writes: sociable, stress-resistant, active, etc. It is necessary to replace adjectives with results that you can achieve. Instead of “sociable” you should write that you know how to find a common language with intractable clients; instead of “stress-resistant” – that you remain productive even in force majeure situations. Remember that everyone has achievements and skills, but they need to be properly packaged.