The Pros And Cons Of Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors
Wooden Garage Doors

The garage doors many of us grew up with were ugly, noisy, and annoying to use. The basic steel shutters provided a simple barrier between the interior space and external elements, and that was about it. Garage doors can be a lot more practical and protective than that. They can also be a lot more attractive. One of the best ways to do this is to ditch the metalwork altogether and find a stylish wooden garage door instead.

The Benefits Of Choosing Wood Garage Doors

Wooden doors for the garage may sound like the high-end inaccessible option compared to metal doors. That doesn’t have to be the case when you find a quality company specializing in various designs. These doors can solve some big problems and give you something to be proud of.

1) Wooden doors are tough

Now, there are caveats here, and we’ll go into those a little later. However, a solid piece of timber in a well-crafted door has the potential to be strong and resilient for years. We’re mostly talking about the risk of accidental damage here. If you accidentally reverse into it or something strikes against it, how much damage is it going to cause? You might have some scratches and issues with the paintwork, but it’s not the same as the massive dents you get in some metal doors. Those can look terrible and leave your property vulnerable until you get someone in to fix it.

2) Wooden doors are attractive

Speaking of garage doors that look terrible, the cheaper and more basic the material, the less attractive the door. There are some really nice contemporary steel doors out there, with attention to detail in the design and finish. Other cheaper aluminum doors aren’t going to work as well. With wood, you get something that’s more cozy and homely than something more in line with an industrial setting. The garage becomes part of the family home and welcomes you on your return. The addition of different styles of panelling, types of wood, stains, and paintwork, all add to the appeal of these wooden doors.

3) Wooden doors can be great insulators

Steel doors can be effective for insulating garages too, and you can get one with additional cores. Still, some homeowners don’t realize the impact of a solid wooden garage door when trapping warm air and lowering heating costs. You can find that the doors offer better climate control throughout the house, making it more comfortable and appealing for everyone. When you choose an insulating wooden garage door with a protective core, the effects are even more substantial.

The Downsides of Choosing Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors clearly have their charms. However, we can’t get completely won over by the romance of an old-fashioned stable door with intricate ironwork and forget about some of the more practical downsides. Wooden doors aren’t for everyone and it helps to consider the following points before making a final choice.

1) Wooden doors aren’t suited to all climates.

The issue of durability is a complicated one. While the tougher panels of real wood doors are strong and resilient in many conditions, there are long-term considerations in some climates. Wood is porous and at risk of damage when exposed to water and bad weather – even when treated with a protective coating. There is the risk that doors in areas with a lot of rain or the potential for snow drifts could degrade with time. The wood can become weaker and warp, inhibiting its potential as a secure barrier and its functionality.

2) Wooden doors are more high-maintenance

The risk factors mentioned above also highlight the need for ongoing maintenance of these wooden doors. Any door that does warp will need sanding, re-surfacing, and painting. This is a lot of work to add to your yearly list of household tasks. Still, there are benefits to doing this. A fresh paint job can change the aesthetic without getting a whole new door. You can adjust the door to suit your needs rather than live with a steel door that’s looking past its best.

3) Wooden doors come at a higher cost

Finally, there’s the issue of cost. Typically, a metal door will be less expensive to buy new and have installed because of the work involved. They are a popular choice with homeowners for this reason, with some going for cheaper aluminum doors to keep costs down. However, you have to consider the long-term value of these investments against the short-term costs of designing and ordering them. Is it better to pay more now for something highly effective and attractive for a long time to come? Remember, wooden doors are more expensive, but for good reason. When you find a team that can provide expertly crafted wooden garage doors, you are still getting value for money.

Find A Company That Specialises In Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden doors are a great alternative when steel doesn’t fit your needs or vision for a property. You can end up with a stunning new garage door that is exactly what you’d hoped for while gaining the benefits of better security and climate control. The best company will have a range of products on offer in various styles and types of wood. You could go for something simple and modern with an asymmetrical opening in a pale tone, or maybe something old-fashioned with deeper stained wood and a stable-style opening on top. The options are vast, and a skilled team can point you in the right direction. They can also work to your exact specifications to build something bespoke.It may be more expensive this way, and you may have to commit to some long-term maintenance, but it is all worth it. The finished doors can elevate your garage and transform it from a cold, uninviting shelter for your vehicle to a welcoming, cozy workshop and space for the whole family. So, get started on those designs and see what you can achieve.