20 Avoidable Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes

Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes

With all anxieties and tension, we do make mistakes during Job interviews. But not all mistakes can happen just like that. Some of them are avoidable. The article list 20 Avoidable Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes

20 Avoidable Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes
20 Avoidable Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes

20 Avoidable Civil Engineering Interview Mistakes

1. Arriving late.
2. Arriving early. Don’t arrive more than 15 minutes early.
3. Dressing wrong. Dressing too casually can ruin your chances. The safest choice for any interview is a tailored suit in a conservative color like black, navy, gray, or tan.
4. Dressing in a rush. If you select your clothes right before you leave, you won’t have time to fix things such as a loose button. Neatness counts.
5. Smoking. Smoking makes you look nervous. Tobacco-breath should be avoided at all times.
6. Drinking. Even if others are ordering cocktails, avoid drinking alcohol.
7. Chewing gum.
8. Bringing along a friend or relative. Even being seen saying goodbye to your best friend or your spouse at the building door can make you look as if you didn’t have the nerve to get there on your own. Being picked up afterward also reeks of dependency.
9. Not knowing about the organization or position.


10. Not preparing ahead of time and practicing questions.
11. Not admitting a flaw. To the question, “what is a weakness you have?”, do not answer “none”. Illustrate a weakness that you have turned into a strength and give specific steps you have taken to improve your weakness.
12. Not knowing your own strengths. You must be prepared to give strengths and to give specific examples illustrating your strengths.
13. Asking too many questions.
14. Not asking any questions. It makes you look uninterested in the position.
15. Inquiring about benefits too soon. Some organizations will describe their benefits during an interview. If not, do not broach the subject until an offer has been made.
16. Revealing your price tag. Let people discover your qualifications before THEY bring up salary. Never bring up salary until an offer has been made.
17. Crying discrimination. Most of the time, inappropriate questions are asked unintentionally. Don’t make accusations if someone asks inappropriate questions. You can always file a complaint after the interview.
18. Bad-mouthing your boss. Never say anything negative about a person or employer you worked for in the past. It brands you as a complainer.
19. Name dropping. Dropping names can backfire. Instead, ask inside contacts to recommend you.
20. Energy failure. Job candidates with lackluster attitudes rarely get a job offer. You must appear bright-eyed and eager.

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Some Extras that can be Avoided

21. Handshake failure. A limp handshake shows lack of confidence. Give a firm handshake.
22. Glancing at your watch. Clock watching gives the impression that you’re late for a more important date and that you are not interested.
23. Playing the hero/heroine. Never convey the message that the company is really messed up and that you can turn things around.
24. Losing your cool. Expect the unexpected. Remain calm and professional at all times.