The Differences between Tesla Roof and Solar Panels   


Right now, there are many sources of energy available other than electricity that you can get. One of those sources is Solar energy, which emanates from natural sunlight, usually collected and converted with gadgets built on houses, buildings, and even mobile vehicles.     How do these sunlight-absorbing contraptions work?             You may wonder, “how do these contraptions … Read more

Basic Types of Bridge Decks & Applications

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The Bridge decks are one of the basic components of the bridge that forms its surface. The bridge deck may either be cast-in-situ, precast, steel, wood, concrete, or other pavement systems which are supported on concrete or steel girders or beams (composite bridges). The bridge decks are most often defines the characteristics of the bridge. … Read more

(BIM) Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities for Civil Engineers & Future

(BIM) Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities for Civil Engineers & Future

Building Information Modelling Job Opportunities BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the platform for developing 3D models or digital representation of a construction project. Through BIM technology the construction industry especially the design and drafting field drastically changed from the traditional way of designing and it’s still evolving to another advanced level. BIM is now inevitable … Read more

Modern Concepts in Bridge Construction

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Bridge Construction Bridges are not only a functional part of transportation but also an identity of the place where it is built. We can see numerous examples of Smart Bridge Construction around us. Golden Gate Bridge (California), Tower Bridge (London), Sydney Harbor Bridge, Brooklyn Bridges are some of the examples. All those bridges are constructed … Read more

Scouring in Bridge & Mitigation | Scour mechanism | Types

Scouring in bridge  Scouring is defined as the lowering or loss of top bed soil (erosion) around the bridge piers, abutments, spurs etc. due to the water flow currents. Scouring is always a potential threat to bridge stability eventually it can lead to foundation failure. As per the research data 60% of bridge failure in … Read more

Significance of Cyclone Resistant Buildings | Design Parameters

Do cyclones affect buildings?

Do cyclones affect buildings?

Seepage in Earth Dam | Seepage Analysis & Control Measures

Failure of earth Dams

Seepage in Earth Dam Seepage in Earth Dams and seepage control are important aspects of dam design and construction. Seepage flow in the dam is defined as the movement of water from the upstream side of the dam to the downstream side through embankment of below the foundation or base. The seepage problem is most … Read more

Model Analysis in Civil Engineering | Classification | Applications | Model Laws

Dam Model Testing

Model Analysis – Model vs Prototype The Model Analysis is carried out to analyze or find out the performance of hydraulic structures or hydraulic machines before its construction or manufacturing. Several tests and analysis are made using these models to obtain the required information. The Model is a scaled replica of a structure or machine and … Read more

All about Concrete Admixtures | Dosage & Cost | Admixture Market in India


Concrete Admixtures Concrete Admixtures are those ingredients or additives (other than aggregates, cement, water) added to the concrete during the time of mixing to enhance or alter its mechanical and material properties. The desired characteristics such as high workability, high compressive strength, setting time, and durability parameters can be altered by the addition of admixtures. … Read more