4 Steps To Thoroughly Cleaning An Office Building

Do you have an office building that requires a bit of TLC? If so, you’re going to want to read the steps we provide below for you to follow to ensure you whip your office building into shape in little to no time.

There are several reasons to clean an office building, with the main one being to upkeep your reputation. 

How you treat your office building will show people how you conduct your business. If you can’t take care of the building you’re operating out of, it can turn people away from doing more business with you.

1. Remove All Items

When you’re cleaning your office building, you need to remove items such as chairs that can make it challenging for the cleaning. Require that your employees move all their chairs and small items that can be moved to a safe spot where they won’t be messed up.

This will make everyone responsible for preparing the office building for the cleaning that is to come. It also makes it easier for the cleaners to come in and do their job without delay.

2. Steam Clean the Carpets

The second thing you need to do is have the carpets steam cleaned. You should look into commercial steam cleaning services because they will know how to clean your carpets and remove stubborn stains properly. After you steam clean the carpets, you’ll find that it acts as a facelift for the floors within your building.

This is something you’re going to want to do because the number of people coming in and out of your building can quickly cause your floors to become dirty. You don’t have to steam clean the carpets often, but again this would be determined by the amount of traffic your building sees daily. 

If the traffic isn’t high, you won’t pay for this service often, but if it is, you can schedule for the floors to be cleaned once every few months. 

3. Clean Electronics

You don’t need to ignore electronics and outlets that need to be cleaned. Over time, electrical outlets and applications can become filled with dust, and if left unkept, it can lead to problems with the electrical functions. It can increase the number of allergens in the air that employees and others that enter your building have to deal with and inhale.

Ensure that all these tight spaces are cleaned thoroughly and wiped down, but don’t use an excess of disinfectant spray to accomplish this. 

4. Don’t Skip the Breakroom

The breakroom is where all employees come to enjoy snacks and their lunches. This means that crumbs and spills happen in this area frequently and will need to be cleaned up.

If you don’t clean this area, you’re inviting pests to make their home in your building, which would lead you to have to call pest control. On a regular schedule, toss food that has become old and ensure everyone understands it’s their responsibility to clean up after themselves.

Cleaning Your Office Building: Steps to Take

When it comes to cleaning your office building, there are several steps to take, but we’ve only provided a few. Ensure that employees move their chairs to a safe place before the cleaning begins and don’t overlook the breakroom which may be infected with pests, if required you can book Waynes Pest Control in Nashville.

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