5 Tips to Find Engineering Scholarships for Students

Where can I find engineering scholarships? If you are looking for not just a cool university but an educational institution with large scholarships, we will help you make a choice. We have collected tips and selected popular universities with engineering scholarships and grants. And this is your chance to get higher education for free!

  1. Take a motivation letter seriously

We recommend that you take your motivation letter very seriously. Prove in your essay that the scholarship is important to you. Write in your paper that you know how you are going to build your future. If you don’t know how to write a motivation letter, it is better to get help from an essay writing service like https://essayshark.com. A writer will write you a motivation letter sample that you can use as a template while writing.

  1. Provide a list of publications

Often students are required to prepare a list of publications in engineering journals as well as copies of the articles. Keep in mind that the larger your engineering portfolio and the better your grades, the bigger the chance of getting an engineering scholarship.

  1. Decide on the scholarship type

They classify scholarships depending on what organization offers them. They can be the university, state, or charitable organizations. You should keep in mind that undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students can apply for engineering scholarships. It all depends on the specific program and its conditions.

  1. Send all documents

To receive an engineering scholarship, you should select a program and provide all the documents which are specified in its conditions. They are different – that’s why you should read the conditions very attentively. If one of the documents is absent, your candidacy will not be considered.

  1. Consider our list of scholarships

The University of Queensland scholarships

Location: Australia.

The University of Queensland is one of the leading research centers in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the best university for young scientists. It includes institutes for the study of bioengineering, nanotechnology, ecology, sustainable development, molecular biosciences, and natural sciences.

Nottingham Trent University scholarships

Location: UK.

Nottingham Trent University is a multidisciplinary university. This means that here you can study a variety of subjects, from arts and design to sciences and engineering. The university provides scholarships to applicants enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs with high academic performance, developed leadership qualities, and active citizenship.

The University of Alberta scholarships

Location: Canada.

Among the strengths of the University of Alberta are medicine, law, business, and engineering. The presidential scholarship is available to students with the highest academic performance and strong leadership qualities. The $120,000 scholarship is split over four years of undergraduate study. To receive a scholarship, a student must submit a special application.

Southern University of Science and Technology scholarships

Location: China.

The university specializes in teaching natural and exact sciences, engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, IT, business, and management. To receive a full scholarship, a student must successfully pass an online test and an interview, enter a university and receive an invitation to study. The scholarship is based on merit and covers not only tuition fees but also housing, insurance, transportation, and living expenses.

Auckland University of Technology scholarships

Location: New Zealand.

As the name implies, the university focuses on engineering, computer, and mathematical sciences. But here you can get not only a cool technical education. To receive a scholarship, a student must submit a special application and accompany it with a motivation essay of up to 200 words. If you don’t know what to write in your motivation essay, it is better to get help. You need just to leave a “write my essay cheap” request on a writing service. A writer who works there will deliver a well-structured paper without mistakes.

The University of Ottawa scholarships

Location: Canada.

The University of Ottawa is bilingual in English and French and is one of Canada’s leading research universities. Students most often choose the university to study science, engineering, technology, liberal arts, life sciences, and medicine. The presidential scholarship at the University of Ottawa is available to international undergraduate students in any major. To receive a scholarship, a student must have a high academic performance (at least 92% upon enrollment), pronounced leadership qualities, and a desire to take part in the extracurricular life of the university.

The University of Derby scholarships

Location: UK.

At the University of Derby, students can study in almost any field, including liberal arts, engineering, law, health, social work, and science. The university is known for its quality programs in the arts, pedagogy, mechanical engineering, fashion and textile production, journalism, public relations, nursing, and midwifery.

The university encourages new international students entering undergraduate and graduate programs whose performance exceeds the minimum entry requirements. The scholarship is available to students with high academic performance who have had any achievements in the last two years of study or work and have taken an active part in public life.