8 Different Paint Finishes For Your New Home

Did you know there are over 140 million homes in the United States? That means there’s a large number of homes in need of a paint job every year. It is because of this that more than 65 percent of real estate agents recommend painting your house within the first year of moving in. 

8 Different Paint Finishes For Your New Home
8 Different Paint Finishes For Your New Home

Moving into a new home offers endless opportunities for customization. While unpacking boxes and arranging furniture are the first things that come to mind, there’s another aspect that truly makes a house feel like a home: the right paint finish. Paint not only dictates the mood of a space but also reflects a homeowner’s personality. 

However, before you choose a paint finish to grace your walls, make sure your furniture and other valuables are out of the way. Fortunately, many moving companies offer a smooth and hassle-free relocation with services like packing, unpacking, and storage to help you set up your new home.

Professional movers like Solomon & Sons Relocation are with you every step of the way. From furniture assembly to potentially helping you set up your freshly painted rooms, they’ve got it all covered. Moreover, they provide short-term and long-term storage as well as storage-in-transit to keep your belongings safe while you set up your house.

Different Paint Finishes For Your New Home

Now, back to the paint finishes. Selecting the right paint finish is crucial because it sets the stage for the rest of the décor and design process. Here are the ten finishes you can choose from to transform your living space:

Semi-Gloss Paint

Semi-gloss paint is one of the most versatile finishes available. It has a gentle sheen that creates a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. Semi-gloss is ideal for areas that endure frequent handling and cleaning, such as:

  • Kitchen – The smooth finish resists grease and water splatters on cabinets and walls. It’s easy to wipe down and keeps the kitchen looking freshly painted. 
  • Bathrooms – The durable finish prevents moisture damage on vanities, ceilings, and trim. It’s also mold- and mildew-resistant.
  • Doors and trim – Adds a subtle sheen and resists bumps and scrapes. 
  • Furniture – Provides a subtle shine and protection for wood furniture.

Semi-gloss has a luminous effect that brightens up any space. It’s suitable for nearly any room in your home.

Satin Paint 

Satin paint has a velvety, smooth look. It’s more lustrous than flat paint but not as shiny as semi-gloss. Satin is ideal for areas where you want a pearl-like sheen:

  • Bedrooms and living rooms – Provides a delicate glow that creates an elegant, sophisticated look. 
  • Hallways and foyers – Enhances lighting in transitional spaces.
  • Doors and trim – Adds subtle depth to architectural details.
  • Furniture – Gives a soft patina finish to wood surfaces. 

Satin resists stains better than flat paint and is easy to clean. It’s excellent for high-traffic areas that need frequent touch-ups. The versatility of satin allows it to work in nearly any room.

Matte Paint

Matte paint, also called flat paint, has a non-reflective, subtle finish. The understated matte look gives your space a relaxed, casual feel and is ideal for:

  • Bedrooms – Creates a soft, cozy retreat.
  • Living rooms – Provides a muted, calm backdrop.
  • Dining rooms – Allows the furnishings and food to take center stage. 
  • Ceilings – Gives an understated plane that recedes from view.

Matte paint hides surface imperfections well, making it a great choice for damaged walls. The downside is that it chips easily and requires more frequent repainting. Use matte paint in low-traffic areas that won’t need frequent cleaning.

Eggshell Paint 

Eggshell paint has a velvety look similar to satin. It is ideal for:

  • Living rooms and bedrooms – Provides subtle depth without too much shine.
  • Hallways and staircases – Enhances lighting in high-traffic areas. 
  • Bathrooms and kitchens – Resists moisture and stains better than matte.
  • Ceilings and doors – Gives a smooth, polished look.

Eggshell paint is durable and cleans easily. The soft glow adds style without being too flashy. It works well in nearly any room of the home.

High-Gloss Paint

True to its name, high-gloss paint has a brilliant, shiny appearance. It offers a smooth, glass-like finish and is ideal for:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets – Provides a sleek, polished look and resists moisture. 
  • Doors and trim – Gives details a lacquered finish.
  • Furniture – Enhances wood grain patterns.
  • Accent walls – Makes a bold statement.

High-gloss paint reflects light extremely well, making it a great choice for dark spaces. The mirror-like shine also accentuates imperfections, so make sure the surface is smooth before painting it in high-gloss paint. Use it sparingly to add pops of shine.

Lacquer Paint 

Lacquer paint dries to an ultra-smooth, durable finish that almost makes your surfaces look coated in plastic. It is most commonly used for:

  • Furniture – Provides a water- and stain-resistant coating.
  • Kitchen cabinets – Creates a shiny, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Bathroom vanities – Resists humidity and condensation.
  • Doors and trim – Gives an ultra-glossy look that mimics lacquered wood.

Lacquer paint requires careful prep work and professional application to achieve an even finish without drips. Use lacquer paint for a glossy, durable finish in high-use areas. 

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint provides a matte black finish that lets you turn any surface into a writable chalkboard. It’s perfect for:

  • Kitchens – Good for creating menu boards, leaving messages, and working out recipes.
  • Kids’ rooms – Provides an interactive display space for creativity and learning.
  • Offices – Good for reminders, to-do lists, and brainstorming.

Chalkboard paint needs 2-3 coats for an even finish and may require occasional re-coating as the chalkboard effect fades over time. Use it to add a fun, custom element to any room.

Metallic Paint

Metallic paint contains tiny flecks of metal or mica that create a glistening, shimmery effect. It works beautifully to create: 

  • Accent walls – Adds glamour and sophistication to any room.
  • Furniture – Gives new life to tired pieces with a modern finish.
  • Kitchen backsplashes – Provides a gleaming, eye-catching focal point. 
  • Ceiling medallions – Draws the eye upwards with an elegant detail.

Metallic paint requires careful application to prevent brush strokes and uneven finishes. Use high-quality roller sleeves and maintain a wet edge when painting. Use metallic paint to make bold statements in small doses.


The paint finish you choose for your new home makes a huge impact on the overall aesthetic. Evaluate each room’s use and lighting to select the right finish. Flat paint works best in low-traffic areas, while glossy paint is better for the kitchen and bathrooms. Consider special effect finishes like chalkboard or metallic paint to create one-of-a-kind details. With so many options to consider, you’re sure to find the perfect paint finish to give your new home a stylish, pulled-together look.