Affordable Methods To Improve Building Security

Building security is an essential element of any establishment. It protects you, your materials, and your business operations from unwanted intrusions. Security systems in your building deter any potential thief from easily breaking in.

Studies show that burglars are likelier to break into buildings with few security measures, so they can get in and out quickly while attracting as little attention as possible. If you value your belongings, it’s time to upgrade your security measures. Building security doesn’t have to be expensive, and here you’ll learn more about affordable ways to safeguard valuables on your premises.

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Creating Layers of Deterrents

Having several layers of security measures in your area is a fantastic way to discourage looters from entering your property. If you have locks, cameras, alarms, and proper lighting, criminals will likely assume you have other security measures on your premises. 

Having layers of deterrents ensures you won’t be easy pickings, and criminals will probably back off and look for easier targets. 

Have Good Exterior Lighting

Having good lighting around your premises is a fantastic and affordable investment to discourage any would-be criminals from breaking in. The better lighting conditions you have around your building, the more likely it is for you to notice that something is wrong. 

Here are a few suggestions for potential lighting solutions:

  • Motion-Activated Lights 

Motion-activated lighting is one way you can mitigate light pollution and reduce your electricity bill at the same time. These lights will only kick in once it detects motion, so you get light exactly when needed. 

  • Solar-Powered Lights

If energy efficiency is your main priority, you can use lights powered by solar energy. These lights generate their electricity in the daytime and store them in batteries so you can use them at night. 

Another benefit these lights provide is that they are independent of your power grid. Meaning you still get a source of light when the power goes out.

Lock Electrical Boxes

Another famous tactic thieves use to get inside your home is to take power down your property by flipping the switch in your electrical box. Burglars know that many security devices rely on your electricity or WIFI network, so taking out your mains would be an effective plan.

In addition, your power going down is a tactic to lure you out of your locked home so you can check your fuse box. One way you can avoid this problem is by installing a wall fire-rated access door. These access doors have an automatic closing system and a secure locking mechanism, so you won’t accidentally forget to close them. 

Improving Security at Doors

Doors are another widespread vulnerability in your place. While the door is durable, this isn’t the case for most locks. One well-placed kick is all it takes for your latches to give in and allow attackers to enter. 

You can improve your door’s resistance to forced entry inexpensively with these tips:

  • Door Reinforcing Plate

Adding reinforcers to your door can be added to your existing latch mechanism and increase your door strength by hundreds of pounds. You’ll commonly see these reinforcers called “Door wrap-around plates” since they are three-sided metal plates that encase your door’s latch and increase its strength.

Even better is that you can purchase these wrap-around plates that are inexpensive and accessible at many hardware stores nationwide. 

  • Interior Flip Locks

While door reinforcers are great at strengthening your exterior doors, it’s also crucial for you to bolster your internal door security. One way to discreetly reinforce your doors is by installing an Interior Flip Lock.

These locks look like a simple hinge and go between your door frame and the door itself. With one motion, you can flick these locks as soon as your door closes and buy you enough time to call local authorities.

Adding Window Security

Another place you can add security is your windows. Many windows are a fast entry point into your building since they typically don’t feature any locking mechanism.

You can purchase window locks cheaply at your local hardware store or online, which only costs a few dollars. Better yet, even if burglars were to force your windows open, your locks will significantly increase the chance of your window shattering and attract attention to the break-in.

Invest In Your Building Security!

To ensure your property remains secure, you should take the time to plan out which methods would best work for you. Depending on the setup of your home and the potential threats you may face, some measures may be more effective than others. The critical takeaway you get from this is to create a plan that’ll work for you and get started as soon as possible to keep your investments safe.