Home Racks: Inspirations from Small Models and Styles that are Trending for 2023


Decorating the house is a form of expression! And that arrangement should represent a style that is admired by the homeowner. This can even be done through furniture.

Racks for TV room decoration, for example, are modern pieces easily found on sale in stores, in models following current trends. And they have great power to transform the environments where they are installed. Check it out below!

Create Modern Decor for the Living Room?
Create Modern Decor for the Living Room? – Photo by Vecislavas Popa on Pexels.com

How to Create Modern Decor for the Living Room?

Paneled racks have started to replace traditional shelving in living rooms because they can make better use of the space in these environments.

They have smaller dimensions; even so, they give all the necessary support to the media equipment. And with the possibility of installing the TV higher up and combining parts of it with the background – maybe wallpaper, coffee table, or other objects, it should make the room look wider.

Nowadays, in decoration stores, models of modern racks in neutral colors, especially white, are on sale. But the proposal of many designers and architects for this year is to explore the potential of these pieces by putting more color on their surfaces. Thus, little by little, racks in different shades appear, which has pleased consumers, understanding that they can use this type of furniture to give more style to their home, adapting it well to new trends. Another option is to check out this guide via eXp Realty.

This became the most convenient alternative for those who were afraid to dare to apply color to walls and other large areas of real estate. A colorful rack can be the perfect touch to make a room more cheerful and cozy. But if you follow a conservative or classic design line, you can continue to bet on neutral tones, such as beige and gray. Or rather, consider the current fashion for pastel-colored furniture! What do you think?

Most Wanted Rack Models

A living room with a TV rack is an example of modernity! Suspended models are still on the rise, especially for small environments, taking up less space and freeing up floor space for furniture such as complementary beanbags, for example. Now, it seems that recently there has been a slight shift in the market. 

Suddenly, the best-selling pieces began to be racked with straight lines and, at a lower height, installed a few centimeters from the floor – including sliding doors.

2023 Interior Decoration Rack Trends
2023 Interior Decoration Rack Trends – Photo by Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels.com

In fact, low racks make the rooms look even wider, oddly enough!

And we still need to mention in this topic another type of feature present in most racks sold today in stores, which is the texture of natural wood. Even the slatted work on the fronts of doors and panels seems to be quite fashionable. This would combine these pieces with various cladding in the house and help to virtually elongate the dimensions of the environments – width and height.

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2023 Interior Decoration Rack Trends

Low and Colorful Racks

Yes, as we said before, low racks are a current trend. This especially includes those with “boxes” that sit directly on the floor. In some cases, they are combined with other structures, and placed at a higher height, creating a continuity for the decoration with new functions, such as a portrait sideboard, dining table, or workbench.

But for them to stand out in the decoration, it is necessary to add color to their surfaces, leaving the white or wood texture for the TV panel. Do you agree with the strategy?

The colorful racks kind of escape the “rule” and can be beautiful in proposals for more relaxed, jovial environments or in trend styles such as Scandinavian. Know that bold colors like red, yellow, and blue or soft ones like light pink are all the rage right now!

Rustic and Retro

Some very contemporary decor styles “ask” for a rack model with more rustic features, as is the case with pieces with an industrial look. For example, those with metal parts or molded in cement – ​​as in the figure below. And we can’t forget about the furniture assembled with pieces of wood collected from demolitions, giving a more laid-back and eco-friendly air to the scenarios.

Rustic and Retro
Rustic and Retro – Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Racks with an old look give a more nostalgic look and also a personality for living room or TV decorations. Its look is quite striking, hardly going unnoticed by the eye. 

At the same time, they can present creative details in different colors, parts in rustic wood, and below, as is the case with toothpick racks, encompassing several trends aimed for 2023.

Built-in LED Racks

Finally, we cannot end this text without highlighting how new technologies can benefit home interior decorations.

Racks with niches with built-in lights or accompanied by racks with hidden lighting – such as the one made with LED strips – are even more interesting options. They can create super chic, charming, and intimate-looking decorations, ideal for reading or other activities that require special lighting.


When choosing racks for the home, consider leaving the traditional and taking advantage of the innovations presented by the market. Don’t forget to measure the area available for the furniture in the room, ensuring you buy a model that fits perfectly in the place. And if you can, request a bespoke rack! Thus, your decoration will be perfect, meeting the needs of the environment completely! For more interesting ideas about home décor, ping us at Sky Marketing.