How to Mass-Produce a New Product as a Small Business

Are you wondering how to mass-produce a new product as a small business? If so, check out this guide for more information.

Almost 30,000 new products are created each year and 95% of them fail.

A lot goes into producing a new product. It can present several challenges, especially if you operate a small business that doesn’t have a huge amount of resources. When it comes to product manufacturing, there are some steps you can follow to successfully take your new invention from an idea to a real product.

Keep reading for a rundown of how to mass-produce a new product as a small business.

Design Your Prototype

You need to start by creating an initial design for your product. It should be the correct size and fully functional. You won’t use this for mass production, but you’ll be able to test and analyze it to see if it’s suitable.

Search for Manufacturers

There are plenty of manufacturers offering a range of custom engineered solutions. It’s important to do your research so that you can find one that’s ideal for you.

Consider the manufacturing techniques that would be best for your product. You also need to think about the scale of production you’re planning for. Learning more about custom engineered solutions will help you find the best manufacturer to work with.

Present Your Design

Once you’ve found a manufacturer, you can present your prototype and ask them to create a sample for you. From this sample, you’ll be able to see how well they’ve managed to stick to your design and specifications. You’ll then have a much better idea if they’re a suitable manufacturer or if you need to keep looking.

If it meets your specifications well, they’re likely a good choice. Conversely, if the sample is somewhat dissimilar from the prototype you designed, you might want to find a different manufacturer.

Inspect the Sample

Once you have your sample, you can inspect and test it. Look at what you originally wanted to achieve, and assess how well this product matches up.

In an ideal scenario, the prototype sample will be perfect, and you can move on. Typically, however, you’ll notice there are aspects that can be improved.

Make any changes that you deem necessary, and ask for a second sample. Once you have a design that you’re happy with, you can proceed with it.

Ask for a Cost Breakdown

You should have a budget in mind, as well as the total number of products you want to produce initially. Ask for a cost breakdown for mass production so you can plan things out accordingly. Bear in mind that the cost per unit will typically be lower when you make a larger order.

Produce Your Final Product

With a decision made on the final design and order placed, you can produce your product. Your manufacturer will use various product engineering processes to mass produce it, and then you can take it to market.

Producing Your New Product

Creating a new product and taking it to market can be a daunting process. Following the steps above will make things easier, and you want to ensure you find a reliable manufacturer. They’ll help ensure your product matches up to your design and meets the needs of your customers.

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