How to Renew Your Real Estate License in NY

New York real estate agents (salespersons) are required to renew their realtor licenses every two years. Although other U.S. states allow a grace period for real estate licensees who are unable to renew their licenses in time, the NYS Division of Licensing Services doesn’t allow this. With the Department of Real Estate changing continuing education requirements since July 2021, ensuring that your license is up-to-date is essential if you want to keep practicing real estate in New York without any issues. Whether you have been in the real estate industry for a long time or you just acquired your license a couple of years ago, this post will get you covered on real estate license renewal NY.

2 Tips on to How to Renew Your Real Estate License in NY

  1. Complete 22.5 Hours of Continuing Education

New York real estate professionals who have expired licenses are required to complete 22.5 hours of continuing education to renew their licenses. You have the freedom to take the real estate courses of your choice. However, understand that the New York state real estate license renewal process requires all agents to take three hours of continuing education on fair housing and sale of properties or renting. Completing a few hours of continuing education on the law of agency is equally vital for real estate salespersons in New York looking to renew their licenses. If you are in your first two-year licensing term, you should take at least two hours of real estate courses. Salespersons may also take state-approved broker qualifying courses, but these usually don’t count towards fair housing education. You can find out your real estate continuing education hours by consulting your licensing course provider. According to the NY Division of Licensing Services, education providers must keep records of course completion for at least three years. RealEstateU is one of the best online real estate pre-licensing-licensing education providers in New York. You can read this useful content on their website for more tips on New York real estate license renewal.

  1. Apply for Your License Renewal Via the eAccessNY Portal

Real estate license holders in New York receive email notifications about their license expiry dates 90 days beforehand. If your license is expired, you should apply for renewal through the eAccessny license renewal online portal. A renewal link will be shared to your account three months before your license expires. Once you have met the continuing education requirements, you can click on the license renewal link to renew your license. Agents are required to provide at least one sponsoring broker to renew their licenses. They have to answer all the questions regarding continuing education and agree to the terms and conditions to confirm their license renewal request. The final step to renew your license is to pay the fee and print the page for your records.

NY salespersons with expired licenses have a two-year window to complete the renewal process. Otherwise, they will have to retake the state licensing exam, which can be stressful and expensive since they have to pay the fees again and apply for a new license. Follow these steps to renew NYS real estate license to continue practicing your lucrative real estate career in New York.