HVAC Maintenance and Servicing Tips to Keep Home Comfortable All-Year-Round

If you are having current problems with your finances and would like to find ways to control them a little bit, then you should probably look no further than your heating and cooling systems. Home heating and air conditioning systems account for more than half of total energy use and cost a couple of thousand dollars to replace. Keeping your HVAC system in check and in tip condition is one of the smartest ways to save some money on energy bills and avoid the very high costs of repairing and replacing it. So, we have prepared a couple of useful tips on how to maintain your HVAC system so you can be comfortable throughout the year. 

HVAC Maintenance and Servicing
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Schedule a Professional Checkup and Preventative Maintenance

You should consider scheduling at least two seasonal HVAC controls each year. It is the best option for them to be in spring for the air conditioning and in fall for the heating. During these maintenance controls, just as the folks at Lynn’s HVAC & Plumbing Winnipeg suggest, professionals will make sure that your cooling and heating are functioning perfectly and that the air quality is good for you and your health as well. Besides, they will conduct thorough checkups, inspect and troubleshoot the system, and keep it working efficiently so you can avoid breakdowns in the least expected moments. 

Perform a Visual Inspection of the HVAC System 

This is probably one of the best habits you can incorporate into your routine. You need to inspect your HVAC system monthly, especially when changing your filters, so you can uncover potential problems. Some things you should check out include thermostats, inside and outside units, registers, and returns. Also, you should pay attention to the battery status on the thermostat, make sure that the filter access and cabinet door are secured and securely closed, make sure the system is draining properly, and check to see if there are any traces of mold. 

Perform a Visual Inspection of the HVAC System
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Eliminate Any Clutter Around Indoor HVAC Units 

You should keep the areas around your indoor HVAC units clear so you can improve the quality of the air and your safety. The more stuff you have around your HVAC system, the more surface area will be prone to collecting dust, which will, in the end, make its way to the system. In addition, clutter also reduces air circulation in the immediate vicinity, which is bad for the system’s efficiency. Plus, clutter can also be an extreme fire and trip hazard, making it much harder for repairs to be performed. Not to forget to mention that you should also keep your outside HVAC unit clean and make sure you remove all of the twigs, leaves, grass, and some other debris that can prevent your HVAC from working. 

HVAC is probably one of the most expensive systems in your home, and you need to maintain it properly if you want to escape the extremely high costs of repair and replacement. There are many ways to keep your HVAC system in check, but the previously mentioned ones are the key tips that will keep you on the safe side.