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I am NOT your Bro!

Merriam-Webster’s defines professionalism as a “set of attitudes and behaviors believed to be appropriate to a particular occupation”. With the introduction of social networking, people often forget the importance of being formal and professional when it comes to workplace communication and interaction.

Being informal and casual with everyone you come across doesn’t make you a better professional. It is important to understand the situation and the expectations of the listener. What I’m trying to explain here is how important it is to address a person the correct way, especially when you are a stranger for him. In a professional work scenario, maintaining a formal tone would be the most appropriate way, while communicating with an unfamiliar person. Your skills and experience will be valued but it is your behavior which earns your respect and acceptance.

I'm Not your Bro, be professional
I’m Not your Bro, be professional

Call/address him by his name or surname with an appropriate greeting depending on the context. This will leave a good impression, at least this will not leave a bad impression. Calling your colleagues and coworkers bro! Isn’t the professional way, this will leave a wrong impression about your character and hint how casual you might be with the work.

Be respectful.

Showing respect to every person you interact with in the workplace is vital for smooth communications. Depending on the company and regional culture, it’s not unusual to show even more respect to a supervisor. For example, you might address your supervisor as “Ms. ____,” “Dr. ____,” “sir,” or “ma’am,” if that is how your supervisor wishes to be addressed. It is always appropriate and professional to call someone by his name if you are not sure the way he likes to be addressed.

If you are a fresher and you are just getting out of the college, practice this simple advice when you interact with professional. This will get you a better acceptance and will help leave better impression.