The Top 5 Benefits of Height-Adjustable Workbenches

Height-adjustable workbenches are one of the exciting trends in today’s working world. If you step inside any modern warehouse, factory, or workshop, you’re likely going to see a lot of height-adjustable work benches spread throughout the production lines, but why is this? Eventually, it can be seen on Savills website, which contains Warehouse For Sale

Height-Adjustable Workbenches
Height-Adjustable Workbenches – Photo by Anna Shvets on

The truth is that height-adjustable work benches have become popular because they’re extremely beneficial to companies and employees. Moving into the future, they will be everywhere, so you should stay ahead of the curve and start using them now. 

For the management teams who need a little extra convincing on this, let’s run through the top 5 benefits of height-adjustable workbenches. Some of them might surprise you, but they’re all true!

  1. Provide Employees with the Option to Sit or Stand

If you buy height adjustable workbenches today, the best benefit is that they allow employees to sit or stand. Essentially, it’s down to personal preference and whatever their bodies are most comfortable with. For example, you might find that a large percentage of your staff prefer to stand at their workbenches because it helps them in terms of posture. If a standing employee wants to sit down at any point, they can lower their height-adjustable workbench within seconds. Yep, it’s that easy. 

  1. Improve the Health and Wellbeing of Employees

Height-adjustable workbenches have been linked with health and wellbeing improvements. This is largely due to the fact that (as mentioned in the previous section) they allow employees to stand whenever they feel like it. Research shows that standing instead of sitting helps reduce back pain, lower blood pressure, and even tone muscles, which is great news for employees. 

If an employee in your warehouse or factory ever approaches you with a complaint about their posture, then make sure you recommend that they adjust their workbench to a standing position. Pretty quickly, they should find that this drastically helps to reduce any posture pains they’ve been experiencing. 

  1. Boost Productivity Levels

Want your employees to be more productive during the day? Try height-adjustable workbenches. 

Height-adjustable workbenches have been linked to higher productivity levels because they provide employees with a safer and more comfortable working environment. Finally, they’re no longer cramped over a desk that’s too small or too big for them. Instead, they can adjust it however they like so that it’s the perfect match. 

  1. Support All the Usual Heavy Loads 

There’s a slight misconception out there that because this type of workbench is adjustable, it means it’s weaker. This simply isn’t true, as height-adjustable workbenches are just as strong as normal workbenches and can support all the usual heavy loads that your employees handle, with some of them having a maximum load capacity of 1000+ KG. 

  1. Save More Storage Space

To wrap everything up, the final benefit of height-adjustable workbenches is that they allow companies to save more storage space. No matter where you wish to store your workbenches when they’re not being used, they can be reduced to their smallest size and easily stacked together and slotted away.