Permeability of soil

Answer: b) 2k Explanation: Let 〖 K〗_1, 〖 K〗_2 & 〖 K〗_3 be the values of permeability of the three layers. From the above numerical, 〖 K〗_1= k 〖 K〗_2 = 2k 〖 K〗_3 = 3k 〖 Z〗_1 = 〖 Z〗_2 = 〖 Z〗_3=5m When the flow is parallel to the bedding plane, then the … Read more

Stress distribution in soils

Answer: d) Boussinesq Explanation: In 1885, Boussinesq studied & solved stress distribution problems in soils because of the concentrated loads acting at the ground surface. The law of flow of water through the soils was given by darcy. In 1862, G.B Airy introduced the stress function.

What is the intensity of pressure ?

Answer: a) σ_z= (0.4775Q )/(z^2 ) Explanation: The formula of Boussinesq’s vertical stress is, σ_z= 3Q/(2π z^2 ) 〖{1/(1+〖(r/z)〗^2 )}〗^(5/2) Put, r is equal to zero. We will get, σ_z= (0.4775Q )/(z^2 )

The method is given by Biot is?

Answer: b) Method of superposition Explanation: In 1943, the method which is suggested by Biot was totally based on the method of superposition & is was proposed by Terzaghi. Statement of Terzaghi’s Principle is that whenever the stress is supposed to be applied to any porous type of material, then it is opposed by the … Read more

What is the water content of soil?

Answer: c) 50% Explanation: Given Data: W1= Empty weight of the container = 40gm W2= Weight of (Empty container + Wet soil sample) =100gm W3= Weight of (Empty container + Dry soil sample) =80gm W= Water Content=? Solution: The formula of water content by oven drying method, W =  (W2-W3)/(W3-W1)   x 100 W =   (100-80)/(80-40) … Read more