Density index

Answer: b) False Explanation: The density index is used to express the degree of compaction or relative compactness of a natural cohesion-less soil deposit. That is also called a degree of density or relative density.

Density index

Answer: b) 0 Explanation: The void ratio will become the maximum void ratio when cohesionless soil present in its loosest form. i.e. , e = e(max.)…(i) The formula of density index is, ID = (e (max.) – e)/(e(max.)-e(min.))…(ii) From equation (i) & (ii), we will get, ID = (e (max.) – e(max.))/(e(max.)-e(min.)) ID = 0

Density index

Answer: c) 0.861 Explanation: Given Data: Porosity of given soil sample = 30% = 30/100 = 0.3 Voids ratio in the loosest form, e(min.) = 0.35 Voids ratio in the densest state e(max.) = 0.92 Solution: The formula of void ratio in terms of porosity is, e = n / (1−n) ….(i) Where e is … Read more

The range of the relative density of loose granular soil

Answer: b) 15-35 Explanation: The range of relative density for various granular soil is shown in the following tabular format. 0-15% = Very loose type of granular soil 15-35% = Loose type of granular soil 35-65% = Medium type of granular soil 65-85% = Dense type of granular soil 85-100% = Very Dense type of … Read more

Soil’s relative density

Answer: b) 0.865 Explanation: Given Data: Dry density soil, γd = 17.5 KN/m3 Maximum dry density of soil, γd(max.) = 18.5kN/m3 The minimum dry density of soil, γd(min.) = 13kN/m3 The formula of relative density is given below, ID= ([γd-γ(min)] γd(max.))/([γd(max.)-γd(min.)]γd) ID = [17.5-13]x18.5/(18.5-13)x17.5 ID = 0.865 Hence, the relative density of soil is found … Read more

Find the value of relative compaction (Rc)

Answer: c) 80% Explanation: The relationship between the relative compaction & density index is given below; Rc = 80 + 0.2 (ID) Where, • Rc = Relative Compaction • ID = Density Index When the value of density index is zero then the relative compaction will become, Rc = 80 + (0.2 x 0) Rc … Read more

Determine the weight of water before the oven drying process? 

Answer: d) 40 KN Explanation: Given Data: Weight of given soil sample, W=190KN Weight of soil sample after oven drying, =150KN. When we subtract the soil sample’s dry weight from the soil sample’s given weight, we will get the value of the weight of water. i.e., Weight of Water, Ww = W- Wd Ww =190-150 … Read more