6 Essential Safety Measures on Construction Sites: What You Need to Know

Career Opportunities in Defence Engineering Construction

If you’re involved in construction, safety should be your top priority. With the number of accidents that can occur on construction sites, it is essential to have the right measures and procedures in place to protect everyone there from potential mishaps. This post will cover 6 essential safety protocol every construction site must have so … Read more

Selling at Short Notice: Top 6 Advantages of Selling Your Home to Cash Buyers

a man and a woman with ppe s talking at a construction site

Selling a home can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. There are many factors to consider, like repairing, upgrading, listing your property, dealing with potential buyers, deciding the price, etc. Furthermore, selling the house at short notice means you don’t have time to go through all these factors. Numerous responsibilities will overburden you within a … Read more

How Hiring Private Building Certifiers Can Ease Up Constructing A Building?

Construction Management Technology

Constructing a new building entails a thorough and tedious process. It involves a lot of planning, consultation, and paperwork before you can even shovel your first dirt out of the ground. This process usually took months, if not years, especially in getting government certifications. Among the government certifications you must comply with include construction certificates, … Read more

Home Racks: Inspirations from Small Models and Styles that are Trending for 2023

Home Racks

Introduction Decorating the house is a form of expression! And that arrangement should represent a style that is admired by the homeowner. This can even be done through furniture. Racks for TV room decoration, for example, are modern pieces easily found on sale in stores, in models following current trends. And they have great power to transform the environments where … Read more

5 Popular Engineering Courses in 2023

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The engineering field is one of the popular courses in the STEM program. It focuses mainly on developing, designing, and maintaining systems and equipment in various fields of industry. If you plan to take an engineering course next school year, you’ll be surprised by the number of available engineering courses.  Before enrolling in any specialized … Read more

5 Tips to Find Engineering Scholarships for Students

5 Tips to Find Engineering Scholarships

Where can I find engineering scholarships? If you are looking for not just a cool university but an educational institution with large scholarships, we will help you make a choice. We have collected tips and selected popular universities with engineering scholarships and grants. And this is your chance to get higher education for free! We … Read more

Innovative Engineering Solutions for Garden Irrigation

Innovative Engineering Solutions for Garden Irrigation

No matter how small or vast, your garden space is, it’s always essential to establish means to support the growth of plants through efficient irrigation. Today as the world is taking a leap towards modernization with technology, we can use technology’s leverage to upgrade our gardens. Fortunately, current engineering solutions for garden irrigation promote energy … Read more

200×25.4 UB | 200UB25.4 | Universal Beams | Section Properties | Australia NZ | Metric, SI, Imperial & US Units

360x56.7 UB | 360UB56.7 | Universal Beams | Section Properties

The steel section 200×25.4 UB falls under the section category of Universal Beams. The section 200×25.4 UB is denoted by the Standard Industry section notation – 200UB25.4. In Australia and New Zealand, the nominal section dimensions and weights of hot-rolled sections are defined in Appendix D of AS/NZS 3679.1:2016 Structural Steel – Hot-Rolled Bars and … Read more